Speedy turnaround time is essential to a business‘ success. Anju solution case studies have yielded effieicncy improvements of up to 300%.

Ease Of Use

Ease of Use

The learning cure associated with new systems is most often the largest barrier to success. Anju has built a software solution with a simplified interface that supports ease of user adoption.



Anju product installations are simplified to 1-3 days, a fraction of the average time to implement solutions with the same capabilities. Anju’s light software makes use of a sophisticated cloud infrastructure to deliver software upgrades, store data, and run processes.



The Anju team possesses the skills and abilities to solve key business problems that are labor intensive and inefficiently utilize valuable resources.

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”
~ Aristotle Onassis



Excellent staff take pride in their work and the innovative software platform they have built. Anju staff are the right people who can keep your business ahead of the curve of business automation solutions

Automated Solutions

Business automation makes businesses function in an efficient manner, with reduced human intervention. The multiple business processes of Organisations can be automated using a strong ECM combined with a robust workflow management solution.

Automated workflows are used to route documents from person to person so they can each complete their part, such as reviewing documents,  modifying, approving, and distribution.

Anju’s automation solution is easily configured and can be easily modified as the needs of the business change and grow.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile software application development at Anju Technology has evolved with the changing IT landscape.

Anju’s Mobile application development experts and technical experts give clients the latest in mobile technology. Mobile applications play a key role in business growth, most business houses want to move towards mobile applications to facilitate reduction in overheads.

Anju has a technologically sound team that can make applications to address the needs of the customer, our team of business analysts are proficient in analyzing the customer business model to suggest the appropriate application.

Anju has experts in developing both:

  • iOS applications
  • Android applications.
Electronic Content Management

Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems are meant to support an organization’s need for managing the creation, storage, retrieval and archive of information.  ECM provides a centralized repository that a business can use to manage any form of business  information/documents of value to the organization.  ECM allows a business to store, share, and report on this information as well as protect this valuable asset from loss and unauthorised access.

Fax Management Solutions

Anju offers a Fax Management Solution which streamlines inbound faxes received.  Faxes received through a secure centralised server are routed to the appropriate department based on the FAX phone number. The fax is then automatically routed to the department associated with the FAX number and placed in the appropriate work queue or electronic folder for further processing. A received Fax is deposited in a specified fax directory for the specific fax number and a custom workflow for that fax number can be designed and implemented based on this designation.

Advantages of the solution include opportunities to save on paper cost and manual filing time, as well as automate the direction of faxes to the correct department/user for review, action or direction.

OCR Form Processing/Validation

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts images of printed text into machine-encoded text which are editable and searchable. This allows any electronic document format to be quickly indexed and conveniently searched.

Scanned images go through OCR, the content marked is automatically recognised making the life of clients easier, by reducing redundancy and typographical errors.

Anju provides a comprehensive form designer that allows a User to design intelligent web enabled forms that are published on the customer’s intranet or internet. The designer is intuitive and guides a user through the steps of design and creation of calculations and automated data population within the form. A business can create any business form and in a matter of hours design and build the form online without professional service costs.
The forms can be designed by users with no technical knowledge to create forms, the forms thus created can also be used in workflows.

Custom Business Applications

Each business is unique and such businesses need unique solutions. Anju provides custom business applications that address the unique requirements of the business. Custom business applications are tailor made to fit the exact requirements of the customer, be it forms, processes or reports.